[I/O] Vitaliy Yanchuk

Measuring rails boot time with Bumbler

25 Mar 2014

Ever wondered what is taking so slow on your Rails app boot time. Me too, just got in touch with a nice gem Bumbler that gathers and shows information on gems used in your app.

Its easy to install and use. Installing just like other gem:

$ gem install bumbler

And usage is also quite easy: cd to the dir of your rails app and just run:

Then in config add a command to be run twice an hour:

$ bumbler

It would show something like this:

Slow requires:
     12.26  unicode
     15.82  russian
     17.85  rmagick
     18.25  kaminari
     23.23  simplecov
     24.90  dalli
     29.05  levenshtein-ffi
     30.53  sitemap_generator
     30.61  omniauth-facebook
     30.99  unicorn
     40.04  execjs
     44.92  omniauth-twitter
     49.39  uglifier
     51.15  factory_girl_rails
     66.91  letter_opener
     74.00  nokogiri
    115.41  sass-rails
    160.79  haml
    193.81  rails
    199.38  capistrano
    246.53  fog
    299.53  carrierwave
    299.69  cancan

In the left column is a time in milliseconds that each gem used to boot

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